David Stueckler

Thank you for attending BuildCon 2018 this year! Special thanks to our speakers and generous sponsors, and of course the wonderful and talented AGC staff who made it all possible!

We hope you enjoyed the unique opportunity to be part of the Joint Conference and the collaboration opportunities it presented with those from the other Divisions, the CLC, and the PIAC. It was a particular honor and pleasure to conduct this Conference in conjunction with the AGC Centennial celebration – all who were able to attend greatly enjoyed the remarkable event. It made us all proud to be affiliated with the AGC of America!

Our hope is that you found the presentations and discussions very beneficial and timely relative to key issues you are facing in today’s market. Workforce development issues (the case for diversity and inclusion, and communicating with four generations of employees), the AGC’s advocacy (the purpose of the PAC and the CAF, and risk mitigation for new tariffs),  productivity and safety through technology (the current and future state of technology utilization) and the PIAC discussions (managing and uncertainty, and integrated project delivery) were all created to help you with the challenges you are facing. 

We look forward to your continued involvement in AGC of America and the Building Division particularly. Save the date for BuildCon 2019 at the Loews Hotel in Tucson, AZ, November 6,8, 2019. We hope to see you there!

-David Stueckler, President & CEO, Linbeck Group, LLC
Chairman, Building Division